Why LT&C?

Masai Mara Reserve. Photo: Peter Prokosch

Humans and the rest of biodiversity are critically linked and interdependent. The need for the conservation of diversity of natural habitats and ecosystems on earth is supported by the United Nations through the development of a complete and well-managed network … Continue reading

The Origin of Linking Tourism & Conservation:

Tourists in Krossfjorden, Svalbard. Photo: Peter Prokosch

Svalbard is the cradle of LT&C. The following description is the story of an impressive example that highlights how cooperation between tourism and conservation resulted in an increase of well-managed national parks and other protected areas.

International Day of Biodiversity


May 22: International Day of Biodiversity. Do celebrate and use images

LT&C visible in Madrid


Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C) was established February 2014 as a globally operating NGO in Norway. LT&C made itself public March 10, 2014, in Madrid at the German-Spanish Conference, “Connecting – Natural World Heritage – Sustainable Tourism – How can sustainable Tourism contribute … Continue reading

LT&C-Study Tour “Cleaning the shores of Spitsbergen” 2015


It all started in the 90s when cooperation between conservation NGOs and Arctic tour operators resulted in new national parks and improved environmental policies for Svalbard. Norway even set the goal to make Svalbard the best-managed wilderness area in the … Continue reading