What if Tourism could set the Example for protecting Nature?

Imagine a world where every trip you take contributes to the protection of the natural area you visit.

We work towards the vision of a representative network of protected areas that are maintained by its visitors (YOU).

How you can be a Tourism Ambassador for Conservation:


Describe and publish an “LT&C-Example” you know of, or are involved in. Our current examples are excellent cases, where tourism supports protected nature areas.

Penguin Network

Be part of our unique global member network of around 300 tourism- and conservation ambassadors.



Participate in Study-Tours to our LT&C-Examples. As LT&C member you benefit from special offers when contributing to nature protection in this way!

Climate Action

Your travel choice makes a difference: travel, but learn, make it green, be aware, offset your emissions, and get engaged. (Read more)

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Compensate your flight's CO2 emissions now!

Our member South Pole, a world-leading provider for solutions to reduce carbon emissions, offer us three understandable compensation projects which provide benefits for both climate and nature protection. They all fall into the context of our LT&C-mission. Compensating your flight emissions is the minimum you can do for both climate and biodiversity: fill in the form below to offset your flight’s carbon emissions in a simple process! 

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