Flight Emissions Offsetting with South Pole

The protection of both Climate and Biodiversity needs equal attention. Protected areas are the main instrument for biodiversity conservation. And tourism can play a key role to achieve the UN goal of a globally representative and functioning network of protected areas. For this reason LT&C promotes tourism, which supports the establishment or development of protected areas (LT&C-Examples).

But even if we are traveling for this excellent cause, we produce a significant climate footprint. For example a long-distance return flight from Frankfurt to Cape Town (for visiting the LT&C-Example of South African national parks) produces per person 3,4 tons of CO2 (source: South Pole).

How to reduce our climate footprint is an important question. We, therefore, recommend to consider every flight carefully and to support a project, which helps to compensate the climate emissions and at the same time provides benefits for the protection of biodiversity.

Our Choice for Cleaner Travels:

Our member South Pole, a world-leading provider for solutions to reduce carbon emissions, can help here:  They offer us understandable compensation projects, which are all compliant with Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Those projects (see below) provide benefits for at least both climate and nature protection, if not for other SDGs as well. They all fall into the context of our LT&C-mission. You may even visit them. Compensating your flight emissions is the minimum you can do for both climate and biodiversity: fill in our form below to offset your carbon emissions in a simple process

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