Objectives of LT&C

LINKING TOURISM & CONSERVATIONThe name is our slogan and our purpose


Linking Tourism and Conservation (LT&C) is an innovative and effective shared network. It is designed to develop tools and incentives for replication of best practices and examples of sustainable tourism that supports the establishment and management of national parks and other types of protected areas. LT&C works with individuals, businesses, and governments to strengthen the benefits of both sustainable tourism and area protection and management.


LT&C envisions a world, where travellers are inspired by experiencing nature and the beauty of natural landscapes. This is supported through a global network of well-managed protected areas that represent the world’s diversity of habitats and ecosystems. Tourism business and individual tourists play a major role in supporting, implementing and sustaining this high-quality network of national parks and protected nature areas.

LT&C provides examples from all over the world, where tourism is supporting national parks or other types of protected areas. – Are you engaged in, or know of an LT&C-Example, do you wish to learn from others to share best practices, do you dream of visiting these special destinations or simply wish to support our above mission? LT&C is the non-profit organization you should join!

LT&C has developed into a global network of members (penguins) of all levels of society, including individual experts, business companies and organisations, with competence and interests in both tourism and conservation (on our world map you can see, who these penguins are and can sort them after different categories). Our job is to create synergy among them and to create increasing opportunities that penguins benefit from each other.

With its mission, LT&C is a concrete support organisation for the so-called Aichi target 11 of the UN-Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). We are actively engaged in raising the awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of the most important decisions and commitment of the entire world society, by focusing and contributing to specific targets of the SDGs 14 (Life below Water) and 15 (Live on Land). Thereby LT&C works in close contact and partnership with UN-Environment and the Sustainable Tourism Programme of UNWTO.

The different LT&C-Examples, we are promoting for replication, are first of all related to both SDG 14 and 15. However, they are often cases, where also other SDGs are supported. As travel has e.g. an impact on climate we recommend to our members to support Climate Action (SDG 13) by at least offsetting their travel-emissions. In that context, we can also offer the services of our member, the South Pole Group, competent in this field.

As the below graphic illustrates, LT&C actually believes that achieving the biosphere related SDGs 14 & 15 and 6 & 13 is the main bases and precondition for achieving the society- and finally, the economy-related SDGs to reach the future we want.

Please see our presentation for more information: LT&C December 2017 s

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Our Annual Report 2017 you find: Annual Report 2017

And you can download our flyer for informing others: LT&C flyer 2018

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