About the Board

Dr. Peter Prokosch, Co-Founder of LT&C and Chairman of the Board; Norway

Prior to 2014 Peter was for 8 years the managing director of GRID-Arendal, a centre collaborating with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), located in Norway. From 2002 to 2006 he was CEO of WWF-Germany in Frankfurt. He developed and led the Arctic Programme of WWF International from Oslo in the 1990s. In the 1970s and 80s Peter played a pioneering role in the conservation development of the International Wadden Sea and became Head of the WWF Wadden Sea project and office in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. As a researcher at the University of Kiel, Peter studied biology and marine sciences. His PhD thesis focused on the ecology of arctic shore birds. Peter has extensive experience working with the establishment and development of national parks in the Wadden Sea, the Baltic coast of Germany, Svalbard and Iceland as well as in nature reserves in Siberia and other parts of the circumpolar Arctic, often in close cooperation with tourism.

Ottar Nakken, Co-Founder of LT&C and Board Member; Norway

Ottar has 30 years of experience in management positions in international trade, industry and shipping. He has previously served as vice president of Hydro Agri International in Oslo and vice president of Hydro Agri North America in Tampa, Florida. Ottar has also previously served as the COO of Jebsen Management in Bergen, Norway. He has held board positions in private and public companies, and institutions in Norway and he is today running a consultancy company offering services within business and project development, analyses and strategies. Ottar holds a Masters of Science in International Economy and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

Sergio Chiarandini; Co-Founder of LT&C and Board Member; Italy and Thailand

Graduate in Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Sciences in the University of Florence, Italy.  He has 25 years experience  – of which 15 in the field – in ecosystem monitoring, management and conservation. Sergio’s specialization is soil amelioration and afforestation of impacted areas.  Among others, he is expanding his knowledge and interest in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, remote sensing techniques for biodiversity monitoring,  ecosystem management and wildlife accounting. Sergio gathered specific experience in relation to protected area work in the Niger Delta/ Nigeria, the Congo River Basin/ Congo Republic, the Ural Delta and the Caspian Sea/ Kazakhstan.


Denise Landau, Co-Founder of LT&C and Board Member; US and the UK

Currently, Denise owns an environmental consulting company and is the President and CEO of Friends of South Georgia Island and is also a Trustee for the Scottish charity, South Georgia Heritage Trust. Both Sub-Antarctic South Georgia organizations are actively involved in overseeing a highly respected habitat restoration project to rid South Georgia of rodents in order to restore the bird population back to its original numbers. She is also on the Board of Governors for the American Polar Society. Denise has a Bachelor of Science in Field Natural History and Wildlife Biology from Michigan State University. She previously served as the executive director of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). She had coordinated the activities through a multitude of techniques including an interactive web-based process of over 100 travel companies from 15 countries, compiled environmental assessments and coordinated permits and documentation for ship visits to the Antarctic. As a result of her many years of work within the industry she was awarded by the US government a glacier named in her honour, located in the Antarctic Peninsula-the “Landau Glacier”. Prior to her leadership role with IAATO, she has worked as a Director of Operations and Field Operations and as an Environmental Consultant, Expedition Leader, Naturalist, Lecturer, Cruise Director and zodiac driver for several other companies within the tourism industry on board ship and land-based tour operators.

Diana Körner, Board Member; Zanzibar

Diana works as a freelance sustainable tourism consultant for various stakeholders, such as the Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (IFDD) and is a team member of the Berlin-based consultancy mascontour GmbH and an official trainer of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism (GSTC). She has been involved in projects regarding sustainable tourism planning, management, PR and marketing, capacity development and policy advisory. Diana was based in Seychelles for several years where she co-founded the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (SSTF) a platform that works towards a structured and holistic approach for sustainable tourism in Seychelles, connecting relevant stakeholders. Currently, she is supporting the LT&C-Example Chumbe Island Coral Park in Zanzibar. Her background is in Tourism Management (BA, IMC University of Sciences Krems and MSc, Skema Business School France).

Anne Franze-Jordanov, Board Member; Sweden

Anne is a sustainable tourism specialist with a Bachelor of Business Administration in tourism management. She specialized in community based-tourism in Thailand and has experience in entrepreneurship and business development. She co-founded a start up related to sustainable tourism in Qatar and supported the development of another. She held a number of roles in Eco Tourism, Sports Management, Coaching, International Trade Relations and Tourism Policy in Germany and Qatar.

Currently she focuses on consulting a community-based tourism organization in Sweden and is an activist in the transition town movement. Among others, she is expanding her knowledge in sustainable farming methods such as Agroforestry.

Oliver Hillel, Board Member; Canada

Oliver Hillel is Programme Officer at the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, responsible for the engagement of States, Regions and cities in the work of the Convention, and for the mainstreaming of biodiversity and its services into economic sectors and development, including technological innovation. A biologist with a master’s Degree in Environmental Education and MBAs on Managerial Accounting and Hotel Management, Oliver has over 25 years’ experience on international cooperation and negotiations on sustainable tourism, event organization, and training and capacity building programs across many themes and issues related to sustainable development. Before the UN, he worked in the private sector, in trade organizations, in NGOs and as a teacher and consultant.

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