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Look out for coming LT&C events, but don’t forget to compensate for your climate footprints!

Look out for LT&C-Events or subscribe to our LT&C-Calendar. For example note down the dates for our 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM): May 26-31 in the Majella National Park, Abruzzo, Italy. The formal AGM will be on May 26, combined with a workshop on “Tourism, Wolf Management and National Parks”, followed by a 3-day excursion into the Majella National Park (May 27-29) plus an optional additional 2-day excursion into the National Park of Abruzzo (May 30/31).  Continue reading

Annual Report 2017: What did LT&C do and achieve last year?

Our members (“penguins”), who are well distributed over all continents, are the stalwarts of the organisation.

LT&C in its fourth year still is an entirely voluntary Norwegian-registered NGO but achieved significant global outreach, particular if related to its small budget. Our members (“penguins”), who are well distributed over all continents, are the stalwarts of the organisation. They represent and connect the world of nature conservation and tourism, linking different geographies, society levels and cultures. Ensuring the linkages, synergies and networks between our members and partners are strengthened continues to be a key element of our work. Continue reading

Interview with Greg Bakunzi, Rwanda: “Conservation and community development are the two key pillars of our programs”

Greg Bakunzi with his companies Amahoro Tours and Red Rocks in Muzanze, Rwanda, is a particularly active member in LT&C. In 2015, he joined as a King penguin and since then, he has authored two LT&C-Examples. This year, he upgraded his status to an Emperor penguin, making him the first LT&C supporter in Africa to sign-up for the highest membership level. Peter Prokosch interviewed him to learn more about his motivation and future plans. Continue reading

Tree Top Walks of the Erlebnis Akademie AG

Tree Top Walks are perfect tools to explore and discover landscapes and greenways. Our Tree Top Walks with its spectacular architecture fulfil the task of environmental education and edutainment particularly in National Parks and Biosphere Reserves. All Tree Top Walks of the Erlebnis Akademie AG are in important corridors and greenways of sites with interesting biological diversity. The powerful and impressive design of our Tree Top Walks in breathtaking landscapes attracts vast numbers of national and international visitors. Continue reading

6.97% of the global seas are protected; Colombia just added and now protects more than 10% of its seas

Protected Planet, the most up to date and complete source of information on protected areas, stated for 2017, that the global coverage of marine protected areas (MPAs) is 6.97%. The database is managed by the United Nations Environment World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) with support from IUCN and its World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA). The number of marine protected areas in the world given for 2017 was 15,609, covering 25,245,207kmof the global seas. Now, as the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) reports, Columbia just added 1,903kmand has exceeded the UN target for 2020 to protect 10% of marine space. Continue reading

If you visit the Arctic: look at the WWF Arctic Tourism Guidelines and AECOs Wildlife Guidelines

If you plan to visit the Arctic (e.g. by participating in an LT&C-Study Tour) you should be aware of some informative guidelines. One was already produced in the 1990s by WWF in cooperation with Arctic tour operators and were called “Linking Tourism and Conservation in the Arctic”. They, in fact, relate to the origin of LT&C. Today you find even site-specific instructions and wildlife guidelines, supported by the Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund and produced by the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO). Continue reading

Legacy of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017: Tourism to contribute positively to ALL SDGs!

Participating at the Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, 2017, held on the 19th of December 2017 in the Palace of Nations in Geneva, LT&C likes to highlight UNWTO’s decision on its “Journey to 2030”: Realising that Tourism has the unique potential to contribute positively to ALL the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a new roadmap should encourage and strengthen commitment, initiatives and activities of tourism around the world in this direction. LT&C will continue to play its part to raise in particular support to reach the SDGs 14 (Live Below Water) and 15 (Life on Land). Read the full press release of UNWTO:

Iceland’s new Coalition Government: “A national park will be established in the central highland region of the country”

Good news to the end of the year are coming from our member in Iceland, Arni Finnsson, Head of the Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA): In their collaboration Agreement the new Coalition Government of the Progressive Party, the Independence Party and the The Green Movement commit to “establish a national park  in the central highland region of the country”. And further: “this will be done in consultation with a committee composed of members of all political parties, the Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, the local authorities, nature-conservation and outdoor-life associations and other players. The possibility of establishing national parks in other regions will also be examined.”

Continue reading

How to compensate your climate footprints of this year travel ?

This is a frequent question we get. And can we trust that these carbon offsetting mechanisms and projects do work and are not only an easy alibi ? is often asked as well. LT&C is not only caring for specific forms of conservation-supporting tourism. We also want to encourage travellers to care for the climate. We therefore would like to see our members at least to be well informed about ways to reduce personal climate footprints, if not actively engaged in reducing own carbon emissions. Why it should be a minimum effort of travellers to invest in offsetting projects is explained in the UN-Handbook for Climate Neutrality. A short version combined with a specific offer for our members we get here from our member, the South Pole Group, who is a world leader in this field, trusted e.g. by UN-organisations and WWF (read also: What is Carbon Offsetting and How Does It Work): Continue reading