New website feature: Events Calendar

main imageWe are happy to announce that an important feature has been added to our LT&C website! Our Calendar page has been created to succinctly show all of LT&C’s current and upcoming events, meetings, and study tours in a simple calendar and agenda view.CALENDAR VIEW

You can get to the page if you hover your mouse on the Tours & Events button. The Calendar subpage will appear. Please take note that the Tours & Events page that shows all of LT&C’s study tours remain the same. The calendar is a new format that shows all of our relevant activities, including the study tours.Home page

By clicking on each event, all of the important information such as the venue, time, and dates will be shown. Relevant contact persons and event websites are also neatly included in this new feature.EVENT DETAILS

Most importantly, please subscribe to the calendar so that you will be updated automatically on all of the events that will be added to the calendar.subscribe

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