“…to connect with like-minded, passionate people from all over the world…” – Interview with Diana Koerner

Diana Koerner’s  background is in Tourism Management (BA, IMC University of Sciences Krems and MSc, Skema Business School France) with a specialisation in environmental tourism management issues. After a work experience at UNEP´s Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism she joined mascontour GmbH, a Berlin based international sustainable tourism consultancy. Continue reading

Non-Profit Partner Organisations and LT&C-Corporate Members

Here you find non-profit (environmental) organisations, which share common interests and partnered with LT&C, as well as corporate LT&C-members (penguins). The corporate penguins may offer specific services for our members. Among them are tour operators involved in LT&C-Examples or which provide LT&C-study tours to our members. They all have the right to use the LT&C logo. You may click on their logo to view their websites

Two related Lake Protection Organisations became Partners of LT&C: Global Nature Fund and Lake Constance Foundation

Lake Constance Foundation, created in 1994 as a charitable environmental organization, is invoved in environmental activities on regional, national and European level. LCF has a long term expertise in lake management, sustainable tourism, environmental friendly agriculture and forestry, renewable energies (especially biomass), sustainable land use planning and topics related to business and biodiversity (e.g. food sector). Continue reading

Top-Story in SEVENSEAS: Ring of MPAs around Antarctica (LT&C-Example)

In the March edition of the SEVENSEAS travel and marin conservation magazine the LT&C  Ring of MPAs around Antarctica story (pp 68-73) is already announced on the cover. Completing the Ring of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around Antarctica has recently been profiled by our member and Antarctic expert Ricardo Roura as an example of Linking Tourism & Conservation. Continue reading

WWF-EU Report 2017: Preventing Paper Parks: How to make the EU Nature Laws work

Over the last 30 years, the EU has made signifcant progress in protecting nature, reducing air and water pollution,
and tackling global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss, says Geneviève Pons-Deladrière, Director, WWF European Policy Office (EPO).

The WWF 2017 EU Report PREVENTING PAPER PARKS: HOW TO MAKE THE EU NATURE LAWS WORK states that the Nature Directives establish a conservation framework that allows sustainable development while aiming for the effective protection of rare or threatened species across their natural range. This has led to the designation of the largest network of protected areas in the world – the Natura 2000 network – which currently covers 18 per cent of Europe’s land and around 6 per cent of its seas.

Continue reading

If you think about Travelling: Join an LT&C-Study Tour, experience an LT&C-Example and do good!

If you think about travelling and want to do good for nature conservation at the same time, you may choose to visit one of our LT&C-Examples: National Parks or other types of protected areas, which are supported by tourism and provide excellent wildlife experiences. LT&C in cooperation with tour operator members offers special tours to visit and study such wonderful examples. If you are yourself an LT&C-member (penguin) you can also benefit from discounted tour offers.   Continue reading

Positive and Motivating News: Protected Planet Report 2016

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 14.57.53
Positive and motivating news have been published by the UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Center (WCMC) and IUCN: An update of the global statistics to the Protected Planet Report 2016 as of December 2016 shows that there are now just under 15,000 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) spread across 18.5 million square kilometres of ocean and sea. Over 13% of territorial waters are now protected, and dramatic progress has been made towards achieving one of the goals of the Aichi Biodiversity TargetsContinue reading

New Flyer shows 23 LT&C-Examples

Join us and participate in LT&C-Examples!
is the message of our new flyer, which goes today to print. 23 quite different examples from all over the world, where tourism is supporting the establishment or development of protected areas, have been authorised and published by our members so far. More will be certainly detected and made visible in the future. Our main goal is to involve our members and partners in activities, projects and incentives that these examples will be learned from and that they will be replicated and multiplied. Continue reading