Wildlife safari based tour operating provider and tiger expert Jack Baucher: Interview about his experience to link tourism with conservation on the Indian sub continent

Jack Baucher is one of the founders of Tears for Tigers Travel, which sprang from his time spent living in a hillside village in a remote district of Western Nepal. Jack witnessed not only the simplicity and frugality of life of the local Nepali people, but also the adverse impact of the continuing spread of humanity on indigenous wildlife throughout the hillsides and the river valleys. Continue reading

Read about the “State and Fate of the World’s Tropical Rainforests” and think about what tourism could do

If you care about the fate of the tropical rainforest you need to read the book of our LT&C member, Club of Rome member and former long-time director of WWF International, Claude Martin: On the Edge: The State and Fate of the World’s Tropical RainforestsThis book – a Report to the Club of Rome – provides an up-to-date picture of the health of the world’s tropical forests. It integrates information from satellite imaging, ecology and economics to explain deforestation and forest health throughout the tropical world. Almost 50% of the tropical rain forests have gone since the Limits of Growth Report of the Club of Rome was published in 1972. It is vital that the world acts on advice and warnings of this report. Continue reading

International Wadden Sea Workshop: What can be “exported” to other parts of the world ?

Back to back with the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the “Ringelganstage” (April 22) LT&C conducted a workshop with international participants on what we can learn from the Wadden Sea or what could be “exported” from there to other parts of the world. The event took place April 21, 2017, on the small island Hallig Langeneß in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea national park. Host was the Schutzstation Wattenmeer, a founding member of LT&C, which historically plaid a major role in educating tourists about the values of this internationally important tidal area (see German Press Release:Langeness Workshop PM). Continue reading

Interview with 101 Visions: “…showcase the worlds best up LT&C projects that could act as flagships for replication”

A new member of LT&C has developed a unique film making approach called 101Visions.  Through the work of this team they are supporting NGO’s and Communities that lack a fully resourced communications team – making micro-documentaries that give them a new way to share their story.  As well as support to forest communities, they are working on ecotourism and conservation, sustainable development, humanitarian aid and other innovative sustainability projects. Peter Prokosch had the chance to interview Daren Howarth about their important work, which could benefit other LT&C-members Continue reading

International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development: LT&C-Study Tour Tiger Reserve Bardia National Park and Annapurna, Nepal

Photo: Jack Baucher

The following tour takes place in the context of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.  Our member Tears for Tigers Travel provides us with an exclusive offer to study the LT&C-Example Bardia National Park and Annapurna. We most likely will be a very small group of LT&C-members using this unique offer of a real LT&C-Study Tour (September 29 – October 7, 2017). If you are interested to combine your wildlife experience with your own support of national parks and the life of local people, you may have a look.

LT&C-Workshop on the Icelandic Highlands National Park Plans

Photo: Steinar Kaldal

May 28, 2017, together with the Iceland Nature Conservation Organisation (INCA) and Landvernd, LT&C is planning a Workshop on the topic “The Icelandic Highlands – one National Park? How can tourism support this idea?”. In her opening speech Iceland’s Minister of the Environment, Björt Ólafsdóttir, will update us on the present status of plans from the Government of Iceland to protect the Highlands. Continue reading

Red Rocks Cultural Tourism Week and Rwanda’s “Kwita Izina” Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony

Photo: Yannick Beaudoin/GRID-Arendal

The annual Cultural Tourism Week, which coincides with Rwanda’s “Kwita Izina” Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony (Kwita Izina), returns this year for its fifth edition at the Red Rocks Cultural Centre in Musanze district, Northern Rwanda. This year’s event, which takes place from August 25 September 2, is organised by Red Rocks Cultural Centre in partnership with Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C). Continue reading

“…to connect with like-minded, passionate people from all over the world…” – Interview with Diana Koerner

Diana Koerner’s  background is in Tourism Management (BA, IMC University of Sciences Krems and MSc, Skema Business School France) with a specialisation in environmental tourism management issues. After a work experience at UNEP´s Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism she joined mascontour GmbH, a Berlin based international sustainable tourism consultancy. Continue reading

Non-Profit Partner Organisations and LT&C-Corporate Members

Here you find non-profit (environmental) organisations, which share common interests and partnered with LT&C, as well as corporate LT&C-members (penguins). The corporate penguins may offer specific services for our members. Among them are tour operators involved in LT&C-Examples or which provide LT&C-study tours to our members. They all have the right to use the LT&C logo. You may click on their logo to view their websites