Interview with Sarah O. Hameed from Marine Conservation Institute on “Global Ocean Refuges” and relation to LT&C

The creation of a marine-protected area is only the start of an effective conservation effort, not the end.” – The New York Times, Editorial Board, February 15, 2014

In the context of today’s global ocean crisis involving overfishing, climate change, industrialization, pollution and habitat destruction, Marine Conservation Institute launched the Global Ocean Refuge System to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030. The Global Ocean Refuge System is an innovative strategy aiming to encourage decision makers to establish protected areas that safeguard marine life and promote opportunities for sustainable tourism.

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Congratulating LT&C-member Greg Bakunzi from Rwanda for receiving UNWTO Award

REUTERS/Sergio Perez

We congratulate our Emperor Penguin member, Greg Bakunzi from Rwanda, for receiving the UNWTO Award for his conservation and community supporting tourism. The UNWTO Awards are the flagship awards for the global tourism sector. They recognize the work of organizations and individuals around the world that positively impact and inspire the tourism sector through innovation and knowledge, in line with the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Continue reading

Good News: Virunga National Park reopens February 15

Our Emperor Penguin member, Amahoro tours, just forwarded us the information of the Virunga Foundation that the Virunga National Park re-opens on the 15th of February! This comes after the park was indefinitely closed in May 2018, due to tragic incidents as we wrote earlier. The Virunga National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and an outstanding LT&C-Example, especially known for its thriving mountain gorilla population. Thanks to the dedication of the park’s rangers and wardens, Virunga has been able to survive. Thereby the cooperation of the Virunga Foundation with the governmental parks authority ICCN played a key role. Their work to provide unique opportunities for tourists to experience the natural wonders of the park made travelers not only financing the management and infrastructure of the national park but also triggers other financial contributions the surrounding communities benefit from. Continue reading

Raet National Park: can the present controversy about a camping site turn into a positive direction for the development of the park?

There is a hot debate in Arendal about the future development of the Hove camping or “glamping” site on the island of Tromøy in an area directly surrounded by Raet national park.  Arendal municipality has meanwhile decided to develop a special “regional plan” for the sensitive area. The good thing about the present controversial discussion is that many are wishing better preservation of the natural and recreational values of the area bordering Raet national park. Hopefully, the outcome of Arendal’s decisions is, to minimize the area covered in the future with any permanent physical structures.  Continue reading

Non-Profit Partner Organisations and LT&C-Corporate Members

Here you find non-profit (environmental) organisations, which share common interests and partnered with LT&C, as well as corporate LT&C-members (penguins). The corporate penguins may offer specific services for our members. Among them are tour operators involved in LT&C-Examples or which provide LT&C-study tours to our members. They all have the right to use the LT&C logo. You may click on their logo to view their websites

Marine Conservation Institute awards Global Ocean Refuge status to marine protected areas (MPAs)

Marine Conservation Institute

The Global Ocean Refuge System improves the quality and quantity of marine protection globally by awarding protected areas that meet science-based standards. It is helping the world create an urgently-needed worldwide system of strongly protected areas through strategic and cost-effective ways, ensuring the future diversity and abundance of marine life.


Marine Conservation Institute’s objective for the award is to bring special recognition to nations, decision makers and site managers who effectively protect their marine ecosystems and to incentivize better ocean protection worldwide. Our hope is that this network grows and inspires nations around the world to strongly protect 30% of the ocean’s most important places by 2030.

Read the story about Global Ocean Refuges in SEVENSEAS

Read the January edition of the SEVENSEAS marine conservation and travel magazine. The story of the Marine Conservation Institute Awarding Seven Blue Parks Global Ocean Refuges for the Most Effective Conservation of Marine Life is very worth reading, as it is related to the mission of LT&C. SEVENSEAS, as a partner of LT&C, works with minimal operating costs to produce this highly relevant and valuable marine conservation and travel communication channel.

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Plans for 2019? Pioneering Study Tour Fair Isle/Shetlands – Jan Mayen – Ice Edge – Spitzbergen

If you make plans for 2019, have compensated your climate footprint in 2018, and once want to see the famous bird island Fair Isle, reach out from there via a visit of the very remote island Jan Mayen and then travel along the whale-rich sea ice-edge to LT&C-Example Svalbard, you should not miss out this study tour. At this pioneering tour, we will test also the brand new and green requirements meeting ship m/v Hondius of our LT&C-founding member Oceanwide Expeditions. More information on this and other LT&C-Study tours you may have at look yourself.

Before closing for the year: do at least something to compensate for your climate footprint! Then plan with better conscious for 2019

If you care for our future climate you should think twice before traveling, particular if far distance. And the minimum you should do for the CO2-emissions you have caused through traveling this year, you should offset by investing into a reliable project you understand: Go to the website of South Pole, get registered and your emissions calculated and invest into the Kariba REDD+ project (see further explanations below). After you have done that you may plan for 2019, look out for LT&C-Events or subscribe to our LT&C-Calendar. For example note down the dates for our 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM and workshop)May 31 in Ramberg, Lofoten Norway.  Continue reading

Can the turtle coast of Grand Béréby become an LT&C-Example and then blueprint for other marine protected areas in Côte d’Ivoire?

Egg-laying leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) at Grand Béréby beach. Photo: Wolf Wichmann

One week of a “linking”-mission to Abidjan in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) made obvious that the country in West-Africa has both challenges but the potential to create a series of marine protected areas (MPAs). The vision of former Minister of Environment, Rémi Allah-Kouadio, once formulated, could become reality and would be an important contribution to the global goal  (CBD-Aichi target 11) to get 10% of the world’s marine ecosystems and habitats protected. 5 new MPAs are in planning and the Secretariat of the UN Abidjan Convention (ABC) has the mandate of the Government to facilitate the implementation of that plan. When LT&C met last week with ABC, Grand Béréby, where LT&C- and CEM- member Olaf Grell and his team have for several years studied and assessed the marine biodiversity and worked closely together with the local people for protecting the turtle coast, came out as the pioneering case and candidate for the first MPA to be established likely already in 2019. Continue reading