Northern Sustainable Development Forum 2020: LT&C-Webinar on tourism and protected areas in the Arctic, September 29

After last years’ Northern Sustainable Development Forum, where Yakutia (Sakha Republic of Russia) profiled itself as a world-champion in protected area-coverage, a similar event is planned by the Northern Forum for September 28-30. Also this year, LT&C is invited to run an own event at the forum, although in Corona times it can only happen as a webinar. We are presently preparing for it, and members of the LT&C network could express their interest if they want to be invited to participate.

The provisional theme for the LT&C Webinar at the Forum is “Creating linkages between tourism and protected areas in the Arctic  How to create and stimulate more LT&C-Examples in the Arctic?“.

Have a look at the present draft of the agenda on our Event page, which will be frequently updated.