Study Tour to LT&C-Example South Georgia

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King Penguins, South Georgia. Photo: Oceanwide Expeditions

Falkland Islands – South Georgia

If you ever wished to come to the subantarctic island of South Georgia with its huge colonies of king penguins and albatross species, with its (Norwegian) whaling history (Grytviken) and Shackleton’s memorial, this LT&C-Study Tour provides a unique opportunity. Continue reading “Study Tour to LT&C-Example South Georgia”

New LT&C Partner: European Organisation for Sustainable Development

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EOSD » The Sustainability Partner

The implementation of the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development requires that governments, industry and society work together to achieve the aims laid down in the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. There is also a need for specialized actions, interventions, programs and initiatives at all levels – government, non-government, businesses and community levels – to successfully implement this historic and needed strategy. Continue reading “New LT&C Partner: European Organisation for Sustainable Development”