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The origins of Tears for Tigers Travel sprang from one of the founders, Jack Baucher, while he spent time living in a hillside village in a remote district of Western Nepal. Jack witnessed not only the simplicity and frugality of life of the local Nepali people, but also the adverse impact of the continuing spread of humanity on indigenous wildlife throughout the hillsides and the river valleys. Working in the jungle and seeing, for the first time, tigers in the wild, served as the inspiration for establishing a wildlife safari based tour operating provider in the Indian sub continent with its primary focus on India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

In the heart of Chitwan National Park lies Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge which was established in 1964 by the late Jim Edwards. 50 years on, and the model has been replicated across Asia with numerous lodges and hotels in Nepal, India and Sri Lanka using exactly the same successful formula for their wildlife operations. TfT Travel has a very close affiliation with the Tiger Tops group and hugely supports their ethos and commitment to sustainable travel and responsible tourism. At TfT Travel, we strive to be at the forefront of responsible tourism, whether we are organising an experience in Nepal, India or in Sri Lanka. This formula which originated at Tiger Tops has always guaranteed safe, sustainable and unforgettable experiences.

TfT Travel has partnerships with both Tiger Tops Nepal and Gal Oya Lodge Sri Lanka to promote safe and sustainable travel practices, and safeguard both national parks in Asia and the operators that visit them. We are firm believers that, for effective wildlife conservation, the standard of responsible tourism can only be kept to the highest standards when, all accommodation providers on the ground, travel operators, agents and, indeed, the client, support the ethos. Please see Tiger Tops and Gal Oya Lodge for more information.


We at TfT Travel are enthusiastic supporters of a number of conservation projects across Nepal, India and Sri Lanka. Our latest involvement was with a brand new bio-lab facility at Tiger Tops Karnali lodge.

The facility was built and opened at Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge in February 2015 with the aim to promote biological research on the ecosystem of Bardia National Park and its buffer zones. The aim is to learn what is needed to optimise the ecosystem in order to accommodate the largest possible healthy population of tigers. The study focuses of three key issues:


  1. Investigating how tigers and other large predators use the different habitat types and how this varies with the seasons.
  2. Investigating how the different species of ungulates use the different habitat types and how this varies with the seasons (transect counts and camera trapping)
  3. Investigating the role of mega-herbivores such as rhinos and elephants on the diversity of the ecosystem through The Himalayan Tiger Foundation.
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