Ricardo Roura

Some 30 years of professional experience in Antarctica (primarily the Ross Sea region, Antarctic Peninsula region) and the Antarctic Treaty System (including ATCM, CEP meetings, CCAMLR), particularly on the fields of environmental management, cultural heritage, tourism, and protected areas.
10+ years experience in Svalbard particularly with respect to research on human behaviour/tourism; and cultural heritage.

Primarily the Antarctica, Svalbard and the Polar Regions at large but also interested in other parts of the world.

Professionally, I branched out for some years to development work and research in the Solomon Islands, with experience in other locations in the South Pacific.

My project concerns obtaining explicit support from the Antarctic tourism industry (individual operators and/or the industry association at large) for the establishment of Marine Protected Areas in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.


Category Individual
Type Conservation professional
Membership type Royal Penguin
Contact person Ricardo Roura
Email address ricardo.roura@worldonline.nl