Mike Brock

Mike Brock has always had an affinity for Interpersonal Dynamics, Serving Others, and Team Growth. Problem solving for guests of private companies and developing an efficient workplace has been a part of his life since before he was old enough to drive.

Mike has spent several years, as a hobby, developing his personal-communication skills, studying people’s intent, and learning how to get those people the things they need. Through everyday life, Brock has concluded that people are the most important thing to both the world AND to themselves!

After pivoting career paths to Tourism Management, Brock has made it his goal to have people more comfortable and confident, leaving them better than when he found them.

Working with Linking Tourism with Conservation developed a state of serenity by helping local communities while making sure nature gets the respect it deserves.


Premium Service; High-End Hospitality Based & Guest Services

Freshwater Ecosystems; Creating, Balancing, and Managing

Category Individual
Type Students studying tourism and/or conservation
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Email address xmikebrock@gmail.com
Phone number 732 610 8306