Anja Szczesinski

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 12.27.13works for WWF-Germany in the Wadden Sea Office in Husum as tourism- and conservation expert and is the

Coordinator of the International Wadden Sea School

The International Wadden Sea School (IWSS) is an educational programme for children and school classes from the Wadden Sea countries: Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

It was established by the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation and nature conservation organisations on the Cooperation’s 25th anniversary in October 2003.

The aim and tasks of the IWSS are to raise awareness among children and young people of the Wadden Sea as a shared natural and cultural heritage and to create an understanding for the need to jointly protect the Wadden Sea as a whole. To achieve this, the IWSS:

  • supports immediate nature and wilderness experiences through educational excursions and activities
  • facilitates international ‘Wadden experiences’ by providing an information and service-platform for international school trips
  • supports the internationalisation of high-quality environmental education with networking activities and joint projects of the participating education centres

See also her presentation on financing conservation in the Wadden Sea by tourism20141121_szczesinski_wwf_reisen_und_schuetzen


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