World Migratory Bird Day (May 12): Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Great Arctic Reserve, Russia!

On the World Migratory Bird Day (May 12) this year, we should celebrate the 25thanniversary of the inauguration of Russia’s Great Arctic Reserve (Zapovednik), as one of the greatest contributions to secure important areas along the entire East Atlantic Flyway of coastal birds, such as brent geese and red knots. The Taimyr peninsular in northernmost Siberia represents today both the largest continuous tundra area in Eurasia and one of the best coverage of protected areas in Russia. And maybe the anniversary can also be used to think about completing a South-North transect of protected areas by inserting a new national park connecting the existing Zapovedniks.

With new industrial development interests growing in the Arctic and protected areas of the Zapovednik type on the other side, which don’t allow access for visitors, there is a need to establish a national park to the existing protected area system. This could raise the awareness of the socio-economic benefits of biodiversity and increase the local people’s interests to preserve their natural capital. The planning and rationale of a national park on Taimyr today can be based on investigations, which take both satellite
and airborne data as well as traditional fieldwork into account. The national park initiative for Taimyr could also contribute to secure a complete North-South transect, where in times of climate change, natural habitats and ecosystems could adapt through “migration”. Read more about the LT&C-Initiative for a National Park on Taymyr.