Why become a member?

Linking Tourism to Conservation (LT&C) is an international membership organization formed in 2014 by experienced professionals in conservation, finance, tourism and operational logistics. LT&C provides its members with a collaborative platform to promote and encourage the protection of natural areas.

Since 2012, more than 1 billion people travel as tourists to areas of natural beauty and wildlife. The number will exceed that in years to come. LT&C is committed to assuring that the biodiversity of both marine and land-based ecosystems are protected and visited in a sustainable way. The relationship between incoming agencies, destination management organizations, tour operators, cruise ship and bus companies, hoteliers, restaurant owners, tour operators, visitors and managers of these special areas is increasingly important.

Join us and become part of the first membership organization specifically designed to Link Tourism to Conservation in order to preserve the biodiversity of global marine and terrestrial protected areas. By linking stakeholders together, we will help to preserve, protect and conserve the natural world in cooperation with business needs.

We will help our members to realize their conservation and business goals by:

  1. Assisting businesses in building a conservation and or biodiversity protection plan into their business models
  2. Providing access to trained and experienced professionals with proven track record and success
  3. Serving as a forum for linking businesses together for the mutual benefit of conservation
  4. Sharing up to date and relevant information to its members, including access to member database with CVs and more
  5. Establishing effective ways to link tour leaders with conservation projects
  6. Providing tour operators with operational planning or staffing needs
  7. Providing business tools to encourage good business practices and environmental protection
  8. Serving as an advertising platform for services being offered

Read more about our different membership types and then fill in the sign-up form.

Who can become a member? Our members include the following:

  1. Individuals
    • Tourism professionals
    • Conservation professionals
    • Tour Guides, Expedition Leaders, Naturalists
    • Students studying tourism and or conservation
    • Other individuals with an interest in tourism and/or conservation
  2. Business companies and operators
    • Natural History tour operators
    • Wildlife/Natural History/Adventure travel/Educational operators
    • Hospitality industry/Hotels and accommodation entities
    • Transportation companies, airlines, buses, ships, rail etc.
    • Financial institutions and Insurance companies
    • Suppliers and Manufacturers that support Linking Tourism to Conservation
  3. Organisations
    • Non Governmental Organisations dedicated to conservation (NGOsc)
    • Non Governmental Organisations dedicated to tourism (NGOst)
    • Relevant Trade Associations
    • International sustainability-focused tour operator
  4. Universities
    • Universities and research institutions
  5. Authorities/local governments
    • National, State or Provincial, City, County or Local park authorities
    • Governmental offices relevant to LT&C
    • Directorates and ministries, Tourism/Conservation
    • Local, State, Provincial, Federal, Governmental organization

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