What is an “LT&C-Example”?

We call an “LT&C-Example”, where one of our members or partners has described and authorised a case, where tourism is supporting the establishment, management or the further development of (a) protected area(s). The kind of tourism and support is described so concretely that others can learn from this example and ideally replicate it. The kind of support can be of different nature. There could be different ways of financial support. But also political support (e.g. a public campaign for the establishment of a new protected area, where tour companies are positively involved), or targeted education activities could count as LT&C-Example.

“Protected Areas” can be national parks or all other of the international/ IUCN-defined categories.

Authors of LT&C-Examples are in particular reminded to think about, where to their example could be “exported”. If it becomes a more widespread understanding that financial institutions should focus on and support cases where LT&C-Example-holders are coupling with Example-replicators, a real incentive for replication of these good cases is set.