LT&C-Example Chumbe Island featured by UNWTO as Tourism for Development Success Story

LT&C-Example Chumbe Island Coral Park is featured in Volume 2 of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)’s Tourism for Development Success Stories, which was released earlier this month. This volume is the second of the Tourism for Development report and compiles success stories from across the globe that highlight tourism’s contribution to sustainable development. It aims at inspiring action among all tourism stakeholders to build on the opportunities that tourism offers as a driver of sustainable development.

The first volume of the report discusses the issues regarding tourism as a tool for development – both in terms of opportunities and challenges, as well as priorities for action – through the prism of the ve pillars of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IY2017):

  1. Sustainable economic growth;
  2. Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction;
  3. Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change;
  4. Cultural values, diversity and heritage; and
  5. Mutual understanding, peace and security.

In the head of each Case study, the SDGs are shown, which the tourism example is supporting. Chumbe Island supports in particular 6 SDGs, among them 14 & 15, which are in focus of LT&C.

Chumbe Island and Marine Park from the air. Copyright: Chumbe archive

In 2017, a global consultation was conducted to collect country practices and practical case studies from developed and developing economies that demonstrate how sustainable tourism has been a factor for development. A total of 23 case studies were selected as exemplary practices from all regions of the world and represent initiatives from the public and private sectors, as well as from local communities.

Here you can  DOWNLOAD the full report