Weddel Sea, Antarctica

  • Start: 2019-03-11 00:00:00
  • End: 2019-03-22 00:00:00
  • Place: Ushuaia

This tour provides an opportunity to explore the biodiversity-rich Antarctic peninsular and enter into the Weddel Sea, which is high up on the list to become part of the LT&C-supported initiative for an Antarctic ring of marine protected areas. The Weddell Sea has been deemed by scientists to have the clearest water of any sea and is abundant with whales, seals, and penguins. The Adélie penguin is the dominant penguin species in this remote area with colonies of more than a 100,000 pairs. If you join this tour we expect that this will not only be your once-in-a-lifetime wildlife- and wilderness experience but that you return as an ambassador for protecting the seas around Antarctica. The tour is now offered for a 20% reduced price. 

The study tour will be performed by emperor penguin member and co-founder of LT&C Oceanwide Expeditions with their 116-passengers expedition vessel M/V Plancius. You find the detailed itinerary for this voyage on their website. The LT&C-study group on board will be lead by LT&C-Board member and ecosystem management expert Sergio Chiarandini.

It is the core of LT&C’s mission to describe, profile and promote so-called LT&C Examples, where the cooperation between conservation and tourism had led to the establishment of protected areas or the support and improvement of their management. In this context visits to these unique areas are a way to make those examples better known, learn from them and identify incentives and tools to replicate or boost them.

In recent years several study tours to the Arctic and Antarctica have been conducted, where the LT&C concept was presented on site. Our Dutch tour-operating partner and LT&C member, Oceanwide Expeditions, has since long time cooperated with conservation organisations and Linking Tourism & Conservation. They also this time made the offer to LT&C to bring an own group of conservation-minded passengers on board the M/V Plancius to experience Antarctic nature and learn about how tourism can support the Antarctic ring of marine protected areas.

If you are interested in this Antarctic study tour, you only need to express your interest to us and let us forward your name and contact to the tour operator and LT&C member Oceanwide Expeditions. You then will be contacted by the tour operator, who will do the booking with you. The official prices of Oceanwide Expeditions you find on their website. They have been recently reduced by 20%  (PLA30-19). You just need to let us know your interest as soon as possible, and you are very welcome to spread the information also to others you know that may be interested in experiencing pristine high Antarctic nature and learn how tourism can support nature conservation.


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