Birding- and whale-watching-tour via Fair Isle and Jan Mayen to Spitsbergen (June 5-14, 2019)

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  • End: 2019-06-14 00:00:00
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If you want to see the famous bird island Fair Isle, reach out from there via a visit of the very remote island Jan Mayen to the Arctic sea ice and finally studying the LT&C-Example Svalbard, this study tour can be recommended. Our LT&C-founding member Oceanwide Expeditions will perform this tour the first time on its brand new and green requirements meeting ship m/v Hondius. You can either start this tour on June 3 from Vlissingen in the Netherlands (see HDS03a-19) or on June 5 from Aberdeen in Scotland (see HDS03b-19). And as LT&C-member you can join on a 20% reduced price. 

Our relationship with Oceanwide Expeditions started in the 90s when the cooperation
between conservation NGOs and Arctic tour operators resulted in new national parks and improved environmental policies for Svalbard. Norway even set the goal to make Svalbard the best-managed wilderness area in the world. Building on this success, WWF with partners from tourism business and research, developed the Arctic tourism guidelines “Linking Tourism & Conservation in the Arctic”, which were distributed in several Arctic languages.

Meanwhile, several examples in the world have been described  (so-called “LT&C Examples“; Svalbard is just one of them), where the cooperation between conservation and tourism had led to the establishment of protected areas or the support and improvement of their management. It is now time to make these examples better known, learn from them and identify incentives and tools to replicate or boost them.

When traveling along the sea-ice edge from Jan Mayen to Svalbard there is a good chance to see bowhead whales. Photo: Oceanwide Expeditions

In this context, in recent years study tours to the Arctic have been conducted, where the LT&C concept was presented on site. On this specific tour, we may also find out more about other potential LT&C-Examples.


Jan Mayen

The detailed itinerary for this tour you find on the website of Oceanwide Expeditions.

If you are interested in this voyage, you only need to express your interest to us and let us forward your name and contact to the tour operator and LT&C member Oceanwide Expeditions. You then will be contacted by the tour operator, who will do the booking with you. The official prices you always can find on the website of Oceanwide Expeditions,  The prices depend, whether you start from Vlissingen or two days later from Aberdeen. In any case, you get as a member of LT&C a discount of 20% on these published prices. You just need to let us know your interest as soon as possible, and you are very welcome to spread the information also to others you know that may be interested in experiencing this study-tour and learn how tourism can support nature conservation.


Polar bear on sea ice. Photo: Peter Prokosch

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