SEVENSEAS Marine Conservation & Travel Magazine No 65 features Ecotourism in Lithuania

LT&C-partner SEVENSEAS with its monthly free magazine frequently publishes stories of marine conservation related tourism. Increrasingly land-based tourism examples related to protected areas are also covered. The October 2020 edition features ecotourism in Lithuania describing four different protected areas one can experience in a responsible way: the Čepkeliai Marsh, the Kamanai Reserve, Viešvilė Reserve, and Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve.

With ecotourism on the rise, Lithuania is inviting visitors from all over the world to revel in its deep forest green landscapes, learn about biodiversity and spread environmental awareness. Ecotourism involves responsible travelling to pristine natural environments with the goal of learning more about the natural world, helping the locals and contributing to ecological conservation. To encourage this kind of mindset, Lithuania—one of the lushest countries in Europe—is inviting people to visit its forest green landscapes.