LT&C Annual General Meeting will still take place May 20, but remotely by using Zoom

Due to the circumstances with COVID-19, LT&C had to change its original plans to have the 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) together with a workshop on ecotourism in Slovakia. As we have informed earlier, the ecotourism workshop has been preliminarily postponed to September 17/18, 2020.

The AGM is still planned to take place May 20, 2020, but members interested to take part can do this only remotely by Zoom. 

Only the Board members Ottar Nakken and Peter Prokosch, and possibly very few members from Arendal, will meet physically in the LT&C offices at Torgata 7 in Arendal, Norway, and will conduct the meeting from there. The Meeting Agenda you find here: LT&C AGM 2020 Draft Agenda.

LT&C-Members, which are interested to participate, need to register by using the below contact form, by May 10.  Those registered participants will then receive further documents and the Zoom-link for the meeting. Particularly invited are our members with voting rights (King- and Emperor Penguins). Those will also get information on how to use during the meeting a voting tool called Menti – They will receive a code with which they can connect to the presentation where they can vote. The tool visualises all responses in real-time and makes it easy for us to make decisions remotely.

If you are interested to participate at the AGM by Zoom, register here and

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