Svalbard Study Tour Raised Awareness to Care for Climate Change

Never before with an LT&C-study tour to the North of Svalbard did we have to navigate that far North to reach the sea ice for observing polar bears in their natural habitat. Also, the 100-passenger ship, M/V Plancius, has never been before up to 82.47 degrees North. While our 9 members at this year’s autumn tour to Svalbard were privileged to study the impressive LT&C-Example, where once the cooperation of tour companies and conservation organizations has lead to the establishment of new national parks, they were deeply touched to see the polar bear’s homeland shrinking. The more awareness it has caused that caring for climate change is urgent. Therefore we urge our members and other travelers to compensate for their own climate footprint as a minimum to do: Continue reading “Svalbard Study Tour Raised Awareness to Care for Climate Change”