Inauguration of Raet National Park, August 13, 2017

[metaslider id=4553]After the Raet National Park at the South Norwegian Skagerrak-Coast has been formally established December 16, 2016, the official and public inauguration will take place on Sunday August 13. One of the key features of the 607 km2 mainly marine protected area are the moraines of the last ice age, visible as shores with round stones. The planning time  of this park, placed right at the doorsteps of Linking Tourism & Conservation’s (LT&C’s) headquarters in Arendal, has been with only 4 years the shortest of any national park in Norway.  Now the Governor (Fylkesmannen) of the Agder provinces on behalf of Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister invites to the official opening on the island of Tromøy. See programme of the day (in Norwegian) on the LT&C-calendar. Continue reading “Inauguration of Raet National Park, August 13, 2017”

The Lamu County Spatial Plan (2016 – 2026): Will it safeguard Kenya’s coastal biodiversity and tourism hotspot?

The Lamu mangroves are of global importance. Photo: Peter Prokosch

Coastal Kenya is home to an amazing array of wildlife – it’s one of the most biodiverse parts of Africa. Over 550 plant and 50 animal species found in Kenya’s coastal forests occur nowhere else on earth, WWF-Kenya says. Thereby the main biodiversity and tourism hotspot is the coast of Lamu, where 70% of the countries mangrove-forests still exist. It is a place of global importance, where linking tourism and conservation is an urgent issue. Lamu is stepping into a new era of large-scale development and infrastructure investment, particularly through the multi-million dollar Lamu Port, South Sudan and Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) project. And in addition causes the proposed 1,050 MW Lamu Coal Power Station major concern. Now the Lamu County has come up with the nations’ first Spatial Plan (2016-2026), and it even has received support from WWF. For LT&C it will be of interest to see the local tourism business engaged to make that plan a success by securing enough space for well-managed protected nature areas. Continue reading “The Lamu County Spatial Plan (2016 – 2026): Will it safeguard Kenya’s coastal biodiversity and tourism hotspot?”

Last minute 40% discounted opportunity to circumnavigate Spitsbergen

If you can decide quickly and want to see, where LT&C once started, or if you have never been in the Arctic, or if you want to make a very special present to a friend, you should get interested in this last-minute  offer of LT&C-member Oceanwide Expeditions and register for the expedition through LT&C. As LT&C-member you can join on a 40% reduced price. Read more by clicking on the above blue-green text.