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The Panorama is an IUCN led initiative to identify, document and promote “inspiring protected area solutions” across a range of topics and from diverse contributors. These case studies provide the evidence on how protected areas can be solutions to global challenges such as climate change, food and water security and disaster risk reduction – solutions BY protected areas. The Panorama also showcases solutions FOR protected areas, which lead to improved planning, management and governance.

By supporting learning from proven success, the Panorama helps the protected area community avoid reinventing the wheel, and brings existing guidance frameworks to life with real-world examples.

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Staffan Widstrand: “There has been a major wildlife comeback in Europe”

Photographer Staffan Widstrand, Svalbard, Norway, Arctic
Photographer Staffan Widstrand, Svalbard, Norway, Arctic

Staffan Widstrand became the first Swedish LT&C penguin. Staffan has already been involved in the WWF-initiative “Linking Tourism and Conservation in the Arctic” in 1995, which produced guidelines and codes of conduct for sustainable tourism in the Arctic. Staffan is today a photographer and writer of world reknown. He is the Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe, the Vice President of Wild Wonders of China, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of the Rewilding Europe Foundation and Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). He has won numerous international photography and book prizes and awards (among others, his images have been awarded 11 times in the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition) and is also one of the founders of the Swedish Ecotourism Association.

In the following interview, Peter Prokosch asked him for his views and experiences in the field of linking tourism and conservation: Continue reading “Staffan Widstrand: “There has been a major wildlife comeback in Europe””