Zimbabwe LT&C-Example and Climate Neutrality-Cooperation featured in SEVENSEAS

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.16.26The LT&C Example Kariba REDD+ in Zimbabwe (p. 78-81) and the new cooperation of LT&C with the South Pole Group on climate neutrality (p. 116/117) are among the many interesting stories to be found in the February edition of the SEVENSEAS travel and marin conservation magazine.

You may be also interested to read how Underwater Dance can contribute to save the oceans (p. 16-19) or want to know more about the British Virgin Islands, which are featured in this edition with a long story and impressive pictures (p. 30-47). You may in the future also contribute with your own pictures by participating in the Photo of the Week Contest, which SEVENSEAS conducts for ocean conservation in partnership with IUCN.Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 11.49.10

Interested in a career in marine conservation? You find information about Your Toolbox for it on pages 54-55. Or read about how Sea Grass became a Clean Water Success Story in Tampa Bay (p. 112-113).

The SEVENSEAS February-edition is the 21st issue of the colourful and informative marine conservation and travel magazine. Magnificent photography and inspiring articles relevant to the mission of Linking Tourism & Conservation, make the SEVENSEAS magazine a must-read for LT&C members and like-minded marine conservationists and travellers. The magazine has been produced for readers in 174 countries. More than 13 000 have subscribed and 15 000 visitors per month have clicked through the colourful pages. The numbers are growing. The magazine is a project in partnership with, and sponsored by The Ocean Foundation.

The electronic editions of SEVENSEAS are for free, and LT&C recommends to subscribe to this impressive marine conservation and travel magazine. However, you can also support the production of this valuable magazine with your personal donation.

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