The sustainable destinations event of the year is in Cascais, Portugal, September 28-30

It is the GREENFEST – Global Green Destinations Event, and LT&C is involved. GREENFEST is a large public event on sustainability, attracting 4000-6000 visitors daily. There will be Storyttelling and Showcasing Sustainable Tourism Successes, by Top 100 Sustainable Destinations and global destination leaders.

GREENFEST is held in the Estoril Conference Centre (ECC) in Cascais, 25 km from Lisbon or Lisbon Airport. For the third time the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 competition has been  organised by Green Destinations in cooperation with 20 other international organisations for sustainable tourism. The aim of the competition is to highlight success stories in destination management, and to exchange good practices between destinations. Last year 5 of our LT&C-Example providers were awarded as Top 100 Sustainable Destinations. At GREENFEST we  will see how many LT&C-Examples are this year among the TOP 100.  At least LT&C has encouraged its tour-operator members and authors of LT&C-Examples to apply for this award.

The agenda of the GREENFEST looks as follows:

28 September:

-Morning: GREENFEST Opening Conference, Estoril Conference Centre, Cascais.

-Afternoon: Sustainable tourism field trips offered by the city of Cascais. Options:

  • Field trip to Quinta do Pisão: recovery of abandoned agricultural lands and the creation of a Nature Park of high value for recreation and tourism.
  • Field trip to the Cresmina Dune Interpretation Center and a 4 km walk: recovery of a sand dune area of high value for nature, recreation and tourism.
  • Adventure option: high rope trail and abseiling activities.

-Evening: 2017 Sustainable Destinations Dinner, offered by the city of Cascais.

-Presentation of the 2017 Sustainable Destinations Top 100.

29 September:

-Global Green Destinations Conference, Estoril Conference Centre, Cascais.

-Morning: Success stories presented by global destination leaders.

-Afternoon: Success stories and good practices presented by award-winning Top 100 Sustainable Destinations, in three parallel sessions. Presentations are delivered either in English or in Portuguese.

30 September:

-Full-day study trip on sustainable tourism in the Oeste Region, offered by the city of Torres Vedras.

-Presentations of responsible tourism destinations around the world, by selected Top 100 Destinations, for the GREENFEST general audience. Estoril Conference Centre, Cascais (tbc).

Sustainable Destinations Dinner, Field & Study trips, 28 and 30 September.

-Invitations will be issued to representatives of Top 100 and GD Award winning destinations, GD Media Partners, and official GD representatives.

-Additional participation may be possible, contact the organisers.

Conference registration

Early registration is advised.

Free conference participation will be offered to representatives of:

  • 2017 Top 100 winners (;
  • Award winning GD destinations (QualityCoast, QualityTourism, Slovenia Green).
  • GD Media Partners and official Representatives of GD, Cascais and Greenfest.

-Registration fee for GD Ambassadors (not from GD destinations): €35.
-Registration fee for government or NGO representatives (not from GD destinations): €50.
-Registration fee for business representatives (not from GD destinations): €100.

More information

For any questions, expressions of interest to offer a presentation, and initial registration,
contact the Green Destinations Events Team:

The Green Destinations Standard is a GSTC recognised set of criteria to measure, monitor and improve the sustainability policy and management of destinations and regions. Picture: Green Destinations