Red Rocks Cultural Tourism Week and Rwanda’s “Kwita Izina” Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony

Photo: Yannick Beaudoin/GRID-Arendal

The annual Cultural Tourism Week, which coincides with Rwanda’s “Kwita Izina” Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony (Kwita Izina), returns this year for its fifth edition at the Red Rocks Cultural Centre in Musanze district, Northern Rwanda. This year’s event, which takes place from August 25 September 2, is organised by Red Rocks Cultural Centre in partnership with Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C). For the last four years, the Cultural Tourism Week has been playing an important role of illuminating some of the activities that communities around Musanze district are involved in as a way of making both the destination and community activities
attractive to tourists. “The event also offers locals a chance to participate directly in sustainable community tourism,” says Greg Bakunzi, founder of Red Rocks Cultural Centre. Some of the activities lined up for this year’s event include conservation and community tourism development debates, the “gorilla marathon”, “gorilla nights”, visits to cultural centres and markets around Musanze, as well as exhibition of locally-made art pieces, among others.

The event is taking place in the frame of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development in cooperation with Linking Tourism & Conservation.

If you are interested, please contact Red Rocks/Amahoro Tours directly and make your arrangements, which could include meeting the mountain gorillas and other wildlife in the national parks of the Virunga mountains:

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