LT&C penguins offset their climate footprints by supporting the LT&C-Example Kariba REDD+ in Zimbabwe

If you ask yourself, how to compensate for your carbon emissions when traveling or what LT&C members are doing about their climate footprints, you should read about the Kariba REDD+ project in a recent newsletter of our member, the South Pole Group. The project, which is also profiled as an LT&C-Example, has, since 2011, prevented more than 18 million tonnes of CO2from entering the atmosphere. But in addition to helping the climate, the project also supports the independence and wellbeing of local communities. And it benefits the wildlife in protected areas by providing large corridors in-between different national parks. That’s why LT&C-Board members compensate their climate footprints by using the South Pole calculator and allocate their support to the Kariba REDD+ project. It has a multiple positive effect by supporting different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We only can recommend it to all our LT&C penguins to do the same or tell us about your personal experiences with carbon-offsetting. And if you want to see on site in Zimbabwe how the project is functioning in praxis, you may have a last minute chance to join our study tour November 28 – December 2.

You can read more about Kariba here.