LT&C-Penguins: apply for getting your LT&C-Example awarded as Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 in 2018!

Go to the website of Green Destinations and find all the information you need to apply for participating in the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 competition 2018. This should be in particular appealing to our members (penguins), which have described or are involved in an LT&C-Example. Both in 2016 and 2017 several LT&C-Examples made it to the Top 100. It is an extra opportunity to make your great case visible to a global audience. Others should learn from your experience and should participate in the competition of being the world’s best examples of sustainable tourism.

Thereby our LT&C-Examples can easily rank as particular concrete cases, where the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 14 (Life below Water) & 15 (Live on Land) aresupported by tourism. See on the map or the link, who of our LT&C-Examples made it to the TOP 100 in previous years. One of those in 2017 was the LT&C-Example “Virunga National Park”, and the Minister of Tourism of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Franck MWE di Malila Apenela, and our member the Director of the DRC national park authority ICCN, Dr. Cosma WilunguIa Balongelwa, personally were present to receive the award. The Minister expressed in his speech and meetings with LT&C visionary thoughts related to his indicated plans for linking tourism and national parks in DRC.

For the 4th time, the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 competition is organised by ten leading sustainable tourism organisations and networks:

Look, who sits in the panel:

And keep these dates in mind:

In case you are interested to nominate a destination, e-mail to:

If the destination is considered eligible, you will receive a login on the Green Destinations
online platform.

If you have limited Internet access, you will receive a
Nomination form (excel).

Participation in the competition is free (no fee).

Nominations can be submitted by any person, destination, organisation or company.