If you think about Travelling: Join an LT&C-Study Tour, experience an LT&C-Example and do good!

If you think about travelling and want to do good for nature conservation at the same time, you may choose to visit one of our LT&C-Examples: National Parks or other types of protected areas, which are supported by tourism and provide excellent wildlife experiences. LT&C in cooperation with tour operator members offers special tours to visit and study such wonderful examples. If you are yourself an LT&C-member (penguin) you can also benefit from discounted tour offers.  

To visit a national park we have profiled as LT&C-Example helps directly to safeguard its future. And it contributes to convince others that such good cases function and that they should be replicated. The more known LT&C-Examples become the more likely it is that others want to learn from them. It should become an incentive to engage in the replication of such examples.

Beside a number of exciting study-tours to Polar destinations (such as Svalbard or South Georgia), LT&C will develop and offer this year, the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development” in particular visits of LT&C-Examples in developing countries. Some study-tours to Africa, Ecuador and Nepal you find on our website already. Others will soon be added by tour operators, which joined LT&C as member and share our mission to make tourism supporting the establishment and safeguarding of protected areas. Tourism can play a positive role to complete the global network of protected nature areas, and you can do so as a person.

Whatever your personal travel decisions will be, LT&C recommends to at least neutralise  your climate footprint. If you have questions in this regard, get in contact with your fellow LT&C-Penguin South Pole.

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