LT&C-Study Tour North Spitsbergen, Polar Bear Special, June 15-22, 2018 (fully booked)

  • Start: 2018-06-15 00:00:00
  • End: 2018-06-22 00:00:00
  • Place: Longyearbyen

This “Polar Bear Special” early in the season (June 15 – June 22, 2018) on M/V Plancius provides you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to the Arctic sea ice North of Svalbard, the crucial habitat of polar bears, ring seals, ivory gulls and other highly specialised Arctic mammal and bird species. It is also the right time when the bird breeding season is starting. As LT&C-member you can join on a 20% reduced price. 

Great to observe High Arctic wildlife, including seabirds by the hundred thousands as well as most likely whales, walruses and polar bears. If you want to see, where LT&C once started, or if you have never been in the Arctic, or if you want to make a very special present to a friend, or if you just want to be active yourself for the environment on Svalbard, you should get interested in this offer of LT&C-member Oceanwide Expeditions and register for the expedition through LT&C.

It all started in the 90s when cooperation between conservation NGOs and Arctic tour operators resulted in new national parks and improved environmental policies for Svalbard. Norway even set the goal to make Svalbard the best-managed wilderness area in the world. Building on this success, WWF with partners from tourism business and research, developed the Arctic tourism guidelines “Linking Tourism & Conservation in the Arctic”, which were distributed in several Arctic languages.

Meanwhile, several examples in the world have been described  (so-called “LT&C Examples“; Svalbard is just one of them), where the cooperation between conservation and tourism had led to the establishment

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 13.45.49

A picture with the LT&C group of the study tour 2015 at Kongsfjord

of protected areas or the support and improvement of their management. It is now time to make these examples better known, learn from them and identify incentives and tools to replicate or boost them.

In this context,  in recent years study tours to the Arctic have been conducted, where the LT&C concept was presented on site. Thereby tours around Svalbard, where many aspects of the entire circumpolar Arctic can be shown in a nutshell, have proved to be in particular inspiring and motivating.

Our Dutch tour-operating partner and LT&C member, “Oceanwide Expeditions”  has participated during the last 20 years in cooperation with conservation organisations and Linking Tourism & Conservation. LT&C has agreed to bring an own group of conservation-minded passengers on board the M/V Plancius to experience the high Arctic nature and learn about Svalbard as an LT&C example, how tourism is supporting national parks.

Polar bears in their main environment, the sea ice. Photo: Peter Prokosch

The detailed cruise info can be downloaded: North Spitsbergen, Polar Bear Special. 



If you are interested in this Arctic LT&C-study tour, you only need to express your interest to us and let us forward your name and contact to the tour operator and LT&C member Oceanwide Expeditions. You then will be contacted by the tour operator, who will do the booking with you. The official prices of Oceanwide Expeditions you find on their website (they range from €3150 for sharing a quadruple cabin to €5100 in a shared Twin Deluxe). As a member of LT&C you get a discount of 20% on these prices. You just need to let us know your interest as soon as possible, and you are very welcome to spread the information also to others you know that may be interested in experiencing pristine high Arctic nature and learn how tourism can support nature conservation.

Polar bear swimming in an ice channel aside the ship. North of Svalbard. Photo: Peter Prokosch

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