Here you can find a list of upcoming and past events, where LT&C is involved

LT&C-Study Tour Tiger Reserve Bardia National Park and Annapurna, Nepal

The following tour takes place in the context of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.  Our member Tears for Tigers Travel provides us with an exclusive offer to study the LT&C-Example Bardia National Park and Annapurna. We most likely will be a very small group of LT&C-members using this … Continue reading

LT&C-Workshop in Iceland on the “Highland National Park”-Initiative

May 28, 2017, together with the Iceland Nature Conservation Organisation (INCA) and Landvernd, LT&C is planning a Workshop on the topic “The Icelandic Highlands – one National Park? How can tourism support this idea?”. In her opening speech Iceland’s Minister of the Environment, Björt Ólafsdóttir, will update us on the present … Continue reading

LT&C-Workshop: “What kind of conservation and tourism experiences in the International Wadden Sea could be “exported” to other (coastal) areas of the world ?”

Back to back with the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the “Ringelganstage” (April 22) LT&C plans a workshop with international participants on what we can learn from the Wadden Sea or what could be “exported” from there to other parts … Continue reading

Red Rocks Cultural Tourism Week and Rwanda’s “Kwita Izina” Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony

  • Start: 2017-08-25 00:00:00
  • End: 2017-09-02 00:00:00
  • Place: Musanze

The annual Cultural Tourism Week, which coincides with Rwanda’s “Kwita Izina” Baby Gorilla Naming Ceremony (Kwita Izina), returns this year for its fifth edition at the Red Rocks Cultural Centre in Musanze district, Northern Rwanda. This year’s event, which takes place from August … Continue reading

“Polar Bear Special” on M/V Ortelius to the North of Svalbard, June 21 – June 28, 2017

  • Start: 2017-06-21 00:00:00
  • End: 2017-06-28 00:00:00
  • Place: Longyearbyen

This “Polar Bear Special” early in the season (June 21 – June 28, 2017) on M/V Ortelius provides you with an excellent opportunity to reach out to the Arctic sea ice North of Svalbard, the crucial habitat of polar bears, ring seals, … Continue reading

In early Arctic Spring with s/v “Noorderlicht” to North Spitsbergen

  • Start: 2017-04-02 00:00:00
  • End: 2017-04-09 00:00:00
  • Place: Longyearbyen

If you never experienced the early spring in the High Arctic, LT&C recommends to take this voyage on the sailing vessel Noorderlicht from Longyearbyen to Northern Svalbard. This tour will be performed by LT&C-member Oceanwide Expeditions and LT&C-members will get a 30% discount on … Continue reading

Fair Isle-Jan Mayen-Spitsbergen, Whale Safari (May 22-31, 2017)

This voyage of LT&C-member Oceanwide Expeditions on board m/v Ortelius, to travel North from the sub-Arctic to the Arctic, is offered to LT&C-members for a 30% reduced price. On this tour there are plenty of chances for whale watching and to spot a variety of migrating birds. The expedition … Continue reading

Post-AGM-Excursion Iceland

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C) as well as a a workshop about the national park initiative for the Icelandic Highlands will this year take place May 28 at the Hrauneyjar Guesthouse in Iceland. Participants from … Continue reading

UN Year for Sustainable Tourism for Development: Visit the Napo Wildlife Center in the Yasuni Rainforest National Park, Ecuador

Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge has been carefully built and designed by the Añangu indigenous community to offer tourists maximum privacy and comfort in Amazon Wildlife Tours. Luxury rooms and commodities, first class attention, beautiful views of the jungle and the lake, nature … Continue reading

LT&C-Study Tour North Spitsbergen on Sailing Schooner s/v Rembrandt van Rijn, June 27-July 8, 2017 (30% discount for LT&C-members)

  After the echo on the Svalbard LT&C-Study Tours 2015 and 2016 were so positive, we decided to offer 2017 an expeditions on the 33-passenger sailing schooner s/v Rembrandt van Rijn. It will take place June 27 – July 8, the right in the time … Continue reading